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Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing Agency


Digital marketing is the most effective approach to sell your company’s products and services on the internet via digital channels and technologies.


A Digital Marketer will design a strategy based on marketing activities, following the marketing calendar, and determining the target audience before creating campaigns.


Bangladesh’s Use of Digital Marketing :

Bangladesh is one of the world’s most digitally progressive nations. Bangladesh, like its neighbor India, is seeing quick and dramatic transformation in its digital landscape. It’s getting more and more like life in India, day by day.


Bangladesh has seen a significant digital change during the previous five years. In addition, the Bangladeshi government is also very interested and playing an important part in getting our country digitalized as soon as possible in the globe.


Which marketing strategy will be most effective for their organization?

Many small and medium-sized firms find it difficult to settle on a marketing plan method that works best for their company’s output. In reality, the success of any marketing strategy hinges on a variety of factors, including the type of product, culture, people’s needs, and the quality of the communication. So, until these elements are identified and studied, no marketing strategy will yield any results for your company.


In the United States, traditional media like television, print, newspapers, and billboards receive 50% of the budget on average, indicating that the entire globe is moving toward a purely digital environment. Even in the first world, many of our routine activities, such as banking and reading the newspaper, may be performed online. The rise of the digital era has resulted in an increase in e-readers and online banking. With digital marketing, your costs will go down and your ROI will be higher.


Digital Marketing is less expensive, more effective, more participatory, and most importantly, it yields better results when compared to traditional forms of marketing. Digital Marketing, then, is the greatest marketing technique for small and medium-sized businesses in particular.


Types of Digital Marketing Of Bangladesh :

1. Search engine optimization (SEO)
2. Social media marketing (SMM)
3. Search engine marketing (SEM) or Pay per Click (PPC)
4. Email marketing.
5. Content marketing.
6. Conversion Rate Optimization.
7. Online advertising.
8. Influencer Marketing
9. Landing Page marketing or CPA Marketing
10. Bulk SMS Marketing