About Us


Our goal of planning is to provide information of local business including all kinds of essential information like phone no, mailing address of government and private sector which is health and safety related for general people. We will help you to find out all kind of business information to grow your business as well as to help general people. So we think if we can make it inclusive and reflex the comprehensive values of the community of Bangladesh, our planning is successful.


We believe in building entrepreneurs is to follow your passion and we are doing and following this method by making sense as a business owner. The aim of our passion is to keep their businesses alive not for only rapid profit.


Bd Business Finder believes in the culture of caring. We are maintaining four ways to develop a culture of caring like respect, trust, and listen to each other and communication of building relationships. We think if your business can grow up, our business also does so. Caring does not mean only care about employees and customers but also what to do to make your business as a brand.


We are very supportive to our clients to help for any query regarding our business and answer any questions. To support and listen regarding any problem or business issues, we have Human Resource Management. We believe in the freedom and satisfaction of our clients who will show interest to grow his Business with us.


Our Mision is to publish your business on our platform by providing
all kinds of information what you have. This is the proper way when
someone will be looking for any business he/she required and this
can be your site where people can get information like company
address, phone number, product and service details, website and
social links etc. we will help you to make your business grow
by reaching targated people.

Our journey based on Bangladesh local company including google
maps and related content which can boost your business or you
can think of it as your business facebook. This is the best
digital marketing way of sending your messages mixed with
content and context to your target audience. We hope you will
stay with us for a long time online benefit to grow your business
as well as to make your business online based and digitalized.




MA Ashraf, Chairman

I believe BDBusinessFinder will be your online business Partner for Bangladeshi people because our Business directory is based on Bangladesh. Our work is the presentation of your Business details to your targeted Customers. By enlisting your Business, make your business very useful and Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Friendly.


MN Islam, CEO

In our online business Directory BDBusinessFinder, you can input everything of your business like address, feature, Google map, contact, social link, web link etc. You can’t sell anything if you can’t show anything and our aim is to promote your business by listing in our Bdbusinessfinder. This is the best digital marketing way of sending your messages mixed with content and context to your target audience.


MRahman, CTO

We built this portal to enlist small to large business so that they can connect each other and find the best business scope ever. So far, this will the largest business directory of Bangladesh. The visitor who is visiting they get the best experience while they searching for any business with us. Our aim is to build BDBusinessFinder the giant business search engine of the country.