Knit Concern Group

With a mission of providing very high quality knit apparel to the international market, Knit Concern Group emerged in 1990 and has started manufacturing and exporting since 1992.

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Knit Concern Group was founded in 1990 and has been manufacturing and exporting since 1992.


It is one of the few elite private sector business groups in the country that not only serves foreign customers with the utmost professionalism but also contributes to the wealth, welfare and environmental sustainability of its motherland. Knit Concern today employs almost 16,000 people and is a significant taxpayer.


Overall, Knit Concern has emerged as a new frontline competitor in the global garment market because to its superior human resource, cutting-edge technology, production capacity, efficiency, and organizational dexterity.


Every day, Knit Concern produces and ships around 170,000 pieces of knitwear and 60,000 pieces of lingerie.


Contact Info : 

Address : 62 Water Works Road, Godnail, Narayangong – 1400, Bangladesh
Phone : 02 7631086, 02 7645641
Website :

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